I chose to use Weebly and Blogger for my TE 808 website and blog because I had used both for another class website and was very familiar with them plus they are free.  I was easily able to add new pages to my website and blog for this course without having to create a new ones. Both web tools have been very easy for me to use and easy to modify as I need to add information or make changes to current information. I have learned that you can use your own website or blog to share a variety of information that is important to you as a tool for helping others who may have similar interests.  I plan to continue using Weebly and Blogger as a place to share things I’m learning or experiencing in my education, job, and life in general. 

The most challenging part of maintaining my website and blog has been finding time to adequately update and add important information or to delete unnecessary information.  As I began adding information for my current class I found pages on my site and blog  that were quite outdated from last year and I had to decide to either update or delete entries altogether.  Those housekeeping tasks take time but can be very vital to the success of your website and blog.  As a web user, I tend to steer away from sites that have outdated material or information.    

The most beneficial part of creating my website and blog was that it helped me to think more intentionally about who I am as a professional educator and person in general.  As I added entries to my site and blog I had to analyze whether or not they reflected me as a classroom teacher, employee, or person.  I also had to creatively think about how to feature myself so that it aligned to my values and accomplishments in life. 

I learned a great deal from viewing my classmate’s websites or blogs. I found that there are a variety of skill sets and experiences when it comes to teaching.  I also learned that there are many differences in the way we all present ourselves.  I realized that some of my classmates are very comfortable with using these web tools to communicate with the world about their profession. 

I hope to continue using my website and blog in the future.  I may have to delete pages or information so that it doesn’t become overloaded but I do plan to use it to help me house things that are important to me. If I do have a blog or website for my class it will be a different website than this one because I would like to keep them separate. I see a lot of value in having a blog or website for students and their parents to access whether it’s for learning about events and projects in the classroom or for communication purposes.  Last year I was able to co-teach a blogging class with our technology director at school.  We helped students to learn about blogs and to create their own blogs.  We had weekly assignments where they had to add posts, pictures, videos, etc.  They were also required to communicate with one another through blog posts and replies as this is important to the value of blogs.  It was a really great class and the students have continued with their blogs even after the class ended. 



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    I am enrolled in the MATC program at MSU.  I am also a full time mom of 4 kids and 1 black lab.  This blog will reflect a mixture of posts about both school and family. 


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